I'm beyond delighted to share some wonderful news. Andy Pearson will be joining the Bibliocloud team on Monday, bringing our numbers to five: he'll join Rob, Dave, Emily and I in our ongoing mission to liberate publishers from drudgery to do the work that matters.

On a personal note, this feels like a coming of age. I wrote the first line of Bibliocloud's code at the kitchen table in spring 2011, Ruby on Rails textbook on loan from Rob in one hand, typing with the other. Since then I have learned more than I thought my brain could absorb about programming. Later, I met Dave, Bibliocloud's data architect, who brought his decades of Oracle expertise to the code. Recently, we hired Emily, whose first few months have been a whirlwind of bringing more insight than I thought possible about our app, our customers and our future. And now we have Andy, a seasoned, super-bright programmer fresh from digital services agency Friday. He's been working on beautifully-tested, honed-and-buffed apps for clients such as Nuffield Health and HSBC, and now (he says) he's looking forward to joining the world of publishing.

Exciting times. Exciting times indeed. We hope that they'll result in an even better experience for our customers, now and into the future -- because that's what this is all about.